Señorío de montanera launches a luxury edition for its acorn-fed iberian ham designed by Juanjo Oliva

Señorío de montanera launches a luxury edition for its acorn-fed iberian ham designed by Juanjo Oliva

Señorío de Montanera, leader in the production of pure Iberian acorn-fed ham with the Dehesa de Extremadura Denomination of Origin, launches a luxury edition, the perfect gourmet gift for this Christmas: Señorío de Montanera X Oliva. This limited edition consists of its one hundred best pieces of 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham selected exclusively from the 2016-2017 fattening period, in a haute-couture package bearing the stamp of prestigious fashion designer Juanjo Oliva. The production of Señorío de Montanera acorn-fed Iberian ham is the result of an artisanal process that requires extraordinary care. From this philosophy, based on the value of craftsmanship and the recovery of traditional trades, and in order to create a luxury gourmet gift and limited edition for its best pieces, comes the idea of combining a product as exquisite as pata negra ham with the world of haute couture.

To make this project a reality, Señorío de Montanera turned to Madrid designer Juanjo Oliva, as he is one of the top references in Spanish fashion and holds values very similar to those of our company in terms of craftsmanship and savoir faire. The result is an unprecedented product brimming with character: a ground-breaking military-style maxibag made of leather and cotton twill, inspired by the colours of the dehesa pastures of Extremadura and the values of sustainability and craftsmanship promoted by Señorío de Montanera.

A luxury bag on the outside

Starting with the idea of creating packaging that would have a second life -that is, it would not only serve as a protective cover for the ham but could also be used afterwards as a travel or sports bag-, Juanjo Oliva has made, in his words, “a piece that fits perfectly not only with the size of the ham but with the idea of a traditional cover that typically wraps the product”.

It is a sophisticated shoulder bag inspired by the classic military backpack with two of the main catwalk trends of this winter -an oversized and army aesthetic- and combines cotton twill and cowhide, two natural materials that have been chosen “for their durability, protection capacity and connection to the values of craftsmanship and sustainability”. Juanjo adds, “in addition, the soft range of khaki colours reinforces the concept of naturalness”. The bag has metallic finishes in gold and is decorated with details identifying the two houses.

For Señorío de Montanera, working with Juanjo Oliva has been a wonderfully satisfying and inspiring experience. From the very first moment, he soaked up the essence of our brand, resulting in a perfect symbiosis of work. This product, which contributes to the creation of the Spain brand, combines our expertise in the fields of fashion and gastronomy, respectively. The challenge when designing the product was to escape from the obvious, to look for the logical relationship between the container and content, giving way to packaging with a second life that was also an original gift in itself, and thus adding the sustainability factor into the equation.

A gourmet gift on the inside

The bag contains one of the 100 best pieces of pure Iberian acorn-fed ham with the Dehesa de Extremadura D.O.P. from the 2016-2017 fattening period. Each one of these pieces, exceptional in their shape, curing -slow, and exhaustively controlled by a master ham maker- and aroma, has been produced from 100% free-grazing Iberian acorn-fed pigs raised in Señorío de Montanera’s pastures in Extremadura; they are individually numbered and include a traceability passport.

They are on sale until all units are sold out from the Señorío de Montanera online gourmet shop ( at a price of 989 euros.

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