Handcrafted production

A trade passed down from generation to generation

Decades of artisanal experience

Purely artisanal

The value of a unique traditional piece

The essence of the Dehesa de Extremadura together with the expertise of expert hands dedicated in body and soul to the care of an artisanal product, enhance the gastronomic value of the best acorn-fed Iberian sausages.

Señorio de Montanera produces its Iberico Ham using purely traditional methods, a trade passed down from generation to generation, resulting in unique products.

Catering, hospitality and specialised food professionals praise our Spanish Ham for retaining the essence of authenticity: 100% Iberian pigs fed on acorns in the dehesas of Extremadura and an industrial manufacturing process in terms of volume, yet artisanal in its procedures. This particular care results in high-quality pure acorn-fed Iberico Hams, with a distinguished personality that positions us as a rising value in a gourmet market.

Master ham carver

The expertise of expert hands in caring for an artisanal product

Each Ham is individually tested one by one by our artisans who check the perfect degree of salting, proper drying and slow curing in the cellar. Following the 4-5 months of post-salting cold period, the acorn-fed 100% Iberico Hams are taken to our natural drying sheds, where they remain more than 5 months. There, the temperatures are much higher in the summer. This long warm period during the intermediate stage of the process is a unique and authentic step in the production of cured pork sausages.

Our Master Ham-maker, with extensive knowledge of this form of traditional production, opens and closes the windows daily, depending on the climate, to maintain the temperature and humidity required for this stage.

Singular environment

Natural bodegas in rock-carved caves

At the end of the summer, the pieces are moved to our natural cellars carved into the rock, which have more stable and cooler temperatures than the drying sheds, and offer softer lighting. Iberico Hams are cured very slowly and remain in the curing cellars between 18 and 36 months, or 14 to 24 months in the case of shoulder ham.

We let the Hams "rest" to ripen slowly; time and rest are the formula for an exceptional Iberico Ham.

To determine the best time to eat the ham, the Master Ham-maker “tests" each of the pieces of Iberian acorn-fed ham one by one, to check that the inside exudes the right aroma and is sufficiently cured.

Fully artisanal and natural production process

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