Natural and transparent process


The main distinguishing feature of Señorio de Montanera is that they control the entire production chain, from the rearing of the raw material - the pure Iberian acorn-fed pigs - to the manufacture of the final product - ham, shoulder ham, cured sausages and meats.


In our effort to achieve excellence in all our products and processes, we have implemented a traceability system that allows us to control the origin of each and every one of our pieces and the different production processes involved. In this way we can guarantee the highest quality of our Iberian acorn-fed products.

Señorio de Montanera is, perhaps, one of the few companies in the Iberian sector that carries out individual controls of all the Iberian pigs before entering the montanera fattening season, and extensive audits during the montanera in the pastures, as well as keeping individual records on each of the pieces during every phase of the production process.


Quality control and traceability

Labelled for full traceability

This data, that provides us the information required to control the stability and quality of our Iberian products, includes the following: farm of origin, acorn consumption during the montanera, fattening during this period (weight acquired), carcass weight, fatty acid profile, and time spent in salting chamber, post-salting cold room and conditions of the natural drying shed and curing cellar.

To ensure transparency in the information of our products, these data are also available to our consumers. All of our 100% Iberian ham and shoulder ham are identified with two seals: the Iberian black seal quality standard, which corresponds to purebred acorn-fed products, and Señorio de Montanera’s own individually numbered seal (with a bar code), which contains traceability information.

Consumers can check the traceability of their Señorio de Montanera ham or shoulder ham by entering the numeric code of the traceability seal of our brand on our website.


Check here the traceability of your Iberian ham or Iberian shoulder. Enter the number of the piece that you will find on the label of the ham or shoulder or on the black seal with the Señorío de Montanera logo (in this case, you must remove the last digit)

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