The purity of the Iberico

Sustainability is a unique breed

The iberian pig

At Señorio de Montanera we defend the purity of the Iberian Breed as a commitment to preserving a livestock production that is unique in the world, and that guarantees the quality of our products

Pure-bred iberian pig

Acorn-fed 100% Iberico pigs

Respect for the conservation of our dehesas and the care of our pure Iberian pigs are reflected in the unique character and quality of the Señorio de Montanera Iberico hams.

The Iberian pig is a medium-sized animal with pigmented skin that varies between intense black and scarlet or deep purple (Retinto), and sparse fur (Entrepelado) or entirely hairless (Lampino). Its legs or reeds are thin, sturdy with hoofs that are either entirely black (Pata Negra Ham) or entailing whitish stripes, as in the Torbiscal lineage.

The rearing of the pure Iberian pig is linked to the pastures of the southwest Iberian Peninsula, surrounded by age-old Holm oaks and cork trees that produce acorns. Doing so ensures the survival of this unique ecosystem.

The 100% Iberian pigs of Señorio de Montanera are reared in full freedom in their natural habitat, benefiting from more than 3 hectares of pastures per animal.


Exclusively acorn-fed

A natural diet, based on acorns and natural resources found in the fields (roots, herbs, wild fruits, etc.), is paramount to the rearing of pure Iberian pigs, and is responsible for the excellent aroma and flavour of the products made from them. During the montanera fattening period (from October to March) a 100% Iberian pig can get through more than 15 kg of acorns per day.

Concerned with the preservation of our natural ecosystem, at Señorio de Montanera, we defend a traditional livestock production of acorn-fed 100% Iberian pigs, following the customs of our region, with the object of producing top-quality acorn-fed Iberico sausages and recovering traditional recipes, free from additives, through purely artisan production methods.

Tradición ganadera

Committed to the environment

Our everyday actions demonstrate our respect and our partners’ respect for nature and the purity of the Iberian pig, through our perseverance in caring for our oak forests over generations. The families of some of our ranchers have been raising Iberian pigs in the Dehesa de Extremadura for over 250 years; protecting the woodland and with an unbroken lineage of raising acorn-fed Iberian pigs. A perfect symbiosis of tradition, unique natural environment and pure stock.

Acorn-fed iberian pigs, preserving the purity of the breed

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