Organic Acorn-Fed 100% Iberico Salchichon

Organic Acorn-Fed 100% Iberico Salchichon

Traditionally crafted with a 100% natural, organic spice mix. Its flavour fills the palate with nuances, glimpses of the natural spices used in production, prominently black pepper and nutmeg.

Its natural flavour and exquisite quality clearly earned it 3 stars at the 2019 Great Taste Awards, the highest score at these awards, which are considered to be the worldwide gastronomy Oscars.

Further Details

The Señorio de Montanera Iberico Salchichon is made with lean ham and Shoulder cuts, and other carefully selected lean extras from organic acorn-fed Iberian pigs. The care and protection of an organic livestock, based on 100% natural resources help preserve the environment with sustainable resources.

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