Research, development and innovation


Research & development & innovation

Since its foundation, Señorio de Montanera has been faithful to its traditional values. Interested in preserving a natural ecosystem, it has always defended a traditional livestock production of 100% Iberian acorn-fed pigs, with the object of producing their own top-quality Iberian products through purely artisan production.

To this end, the company has a strong R&D department working to recover traditional recipes and improve existing ones, in order to eliminate additives and allergens and thus obtain more natural and no doubt safer products.

In this line, we were pioneers in recovering the Iberian acorn-fed Lomo Doblado (Double cured pork loin), the recipe having practically disappeared because parents had stopped teaching their children how do make it. Our determination and the support of the CDTI (Centre for Industrial Technological Development) allowed us in 2006 to undertake a research project aimed at recovering traditional cured sausages and integrating their production into industrial-scale manufacture.

Another line of research has focused on achieving healthier products. For this purpose, in 2017 we eliminated gluten, lactose and milk protein from our entire catalogue, thus achieving more natural and healthier Iberian acorn-fed products.

Investigación y desarrollo en productos de bellota

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