Organic acorn-fed 100% iberian shoulder ham

Organic acorn-fed 100% iberian shoulder ham

Our organic Iberian shoulders come from organic farming and livestock based on 100% natural resources to help preserve the environment. Their production is 100% natural, entailing a much more thorough and artisanal care than traditional Iberian ones.

The Señorio de Montanera organic Iberian shoulder is prominent for its 100% natural production and boasts extraordinary juiciness and tenderness.

Further Details

The organic Iberian pigs are raised free in dehesa pastures that are certified as organic farms and are reared on acorns, natural pastures and other organic foods. These farms are completely separate from normal farms, to ensure 100% organic production; and, during the time when there are no acorns or grasses on the pastures, at the end of spring and throughout summer, the Iberian pigs are fed with organic feed.

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