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Señorio de Montanera, faithful to its commitment to the preservation of the pastures and environmental sustainability, has launched an exclusive line of organic products as part of its R&D strategy for healthier and more natural products.

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The Señorio de Montanera organic ham and cured sausage come from organic farming and livestock, based on 100% natural resources that help preserve the environment. In addition, the natural rearing and production methods yield an exceptional product, free from nitrites and nitrates.

The organic Iberian pigs are raised free in dehesa pastures that are certified as organic farms and are reared on acorns, natural pastures and other organic foods. These farms are completely separate from normal farms, to ensure 100% organic production; and, during the time when there are no acorns or grasses on the pastures, at the end of spring and throughout summer, the Iberian pigs are fed with organic feed.

In addition, the production of organic Iberian products is carried out in a separate space and at a different time than the rest of traditional Iberian products. This production process has an organic product certification for zero GMO contamination. Therefore, Señorio de Montanera organic Iberian products are free from additives and artificial preservatives, and are also properly labelled with the European Union organic logo.

Universally renowned

A singular product in the world

Our Señorio de Montanera organic Iberian ham is an exquisite premium product. Its exceptional quality earned it a star at the 2017 Great Taste Awards in London, world renowned as the “Oscars” of the gastronomy world and thus a guarantee of consumer confidence.

World-class organic products

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