Denomination of origin Dehesa de Extremadura

Seal of guarantee for consumers

Denomination of origin Dehesa de Extremadura

The Regulatory Council of the DOP Dehesa de Extremadura has held an invariable policy since its creation in 1990: Ensure the highest quality of Iberian products.

Leader in Iberico Ham

Leadership for over 20 years

For two decades, Señorio de Montanera has been the undisputed leader in the production of pure-bred acorn-fed Iberico Ham from the Designation of Origin Dehesa de Extremadura, the most demanding of the Iberian sector in Spain.

The Regulatory Council of the Designation of Origin works for the on-going improvement and monitoring of the Spanish Hams covered by its seal, carrying out extensive independent controls both in the dehesa during the montanera fattening period, and in the different phases of production.

Constant quality control

Monitored throughout the production process

The certification of a product with the Designation of Origin involves a comprehensive work process from beginning to end: from the birth of the pig in the dehesa and its montanera fattening period, until its final curing process in the cellar.

Every single step of the certification (one pig at a time, piece by piece) is carried out by inspectors of the Regulatory Council of the Protected Designation of Origin Dehesa de Extremadura, thus guaranteeing a strict control system with guaranteed traceability.

In the fields, the technical inspectors verify the breed, age and weight of the pigs, and calculate the fattening of the pigs during the montanera, and monitoring their progress to ensure that they have been reared on acorns and natural pastures. Each of the animals is identified by a numeric metallic tamper-proof ear-tag.

Inspections throughout the process

From field to bodega

When the piece has reached the right amount of curing, the official inspectors are invited to the curing cellars, where they check the individual seals of the pieces. Once the products are identified, the inspectors proceed to test each Iberico Ham and Shoulder Ham, as this is the way to detect the aroma of the piece, and then attach the numerical label on those pieces that meet all the specifications and demonstrate the required quality, discarding those that do not.

The Designation of Origin Dehesa de Extremadura is therefore a seal of guarantee for consumers, which certifies the maximum quality of the Spanish Ham.

100% Iberian product DPO Dehesa Extremadura

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