Corporate social responsibility

Committed to our environment

Naturally responsible

Señorio de Montanera has a clear in-built vocation for environmental responsibility, respect for the customer and commitment to society, creating, fostering and supporting relevant initiatives in different areas. As a result of our mission, vision and values, we work according to the practices of good governance, ethical conduct and transparency of information.

Commitment to our surroundings

On a daily basis, we demonstrate our respect, and that of our partners, for nature and for the purity of the Iberian pig, through our perseverance in caring for our pastures over generations, and repopulating the trees-oaks, cork oaks and gall oaks that form this landscape. In this way, we contribute to sustaining the traditional ecosystem of our lands, to preserving production methods that are unique in the world and to ensuring the survival of the Iberian breed.
Compromiso de Señorío con el entorno

Commitment to our customers

At Señorio de Montanera we are proud of what we do and how we do it. And that’s why we defend the transparency of information, both internal and external, through the comprehensive traceability of all our products and strict compliance with Iberian quality standards.

Responsible practices:

All our Iberian Hams and Shoulder Ham have a double seal. On the one hand, the black seal required by Iberian quality standards, which indicates that the product has been made from an acorn-fed 100% Iberian pig. And on the other hand, the Señorio de Montanera seal that allows control over the traceability of the piece. This means that each piece is assigned a bar code that enables the identification of the animal from which the product is derived, the farm in which it was reared, the quantity of acorns consumed and the date of production, among other data.

Commitment to society

Señorio de Montanera, with 25 years of tradition, has managed to remain faithful to the spirit of its founders. Consuming natural foods prepared in an authentic way is one of the fundamental pillars of good health. Our acorn-fed 100% Iberico products contain a high level of oleic acid that is beneficial to health and reduces the risk of heart disease.

For this reason, we have started working with Menudos Corazones Foundation  to provide all our support to families with children suffering from heart diseases. Through different activities, we try to contribute our little bit to the magnificent work of this Foundation, which struggles every day to improve the quality of life of people with congenital heart disease and their families.

Responsible practices:

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