Acorn-fed iberian ham

Exclusive and healthy gourmet product.

Spanish Ham

Centuries of tradition and know-how pervade the unique complexion of Señorio de Montanera acorn-fed 100% Iberico ham. The lustre of a gastronomic gem whose premium quality is guaranteed by the renowned Protected Designation of Origin Dehesa de Extremadura.

Jamón de bellota 100% ibérico

The culmination of the purity of Iberico

Our production methods and processes are purely artisanal and based on the trade passed down from generation to generation. A slow maturation for over four years at the mercy of the silence of the bodegas (cellars) and natural drying rooms yields the flavour and aroma of the best acorn-fed Iberian ham.

Every Señorio de Montanera acorn-fed Iberico Ham brandishes the unique qualities that make it an exclusive and inimitable product. Its presence is unmistakable: black hoof (Pata Negra Ham), slender shank, elongated shape, “V” shaped serrano cut, yellowish covering of fat, and natural surface moulds. An intense, nearly transparently marbled and magenta lean pork renders a succulent texture and unrivalled juiciness. A gourmet food destined to delight even the most refined palates.

Gourmet Tasting notes

A pleasure for all the senses.

  • On cutting, it has an intense red and mottled colour, while the fat is practically translucent.
  • Warm and deep aroma, with nuances of nuts.
  • In the mouth, it offers a smooth and succulent texture, without any sharpness.
  • Intensely well-rounded flavour, slightly salty with sweet notes; qualities achieved thanks to the levels of oleic acid provided by the acorn and pure Iberian breed. The fat melts in the mouth and floods the palate with the purest flavours of the Dehesa de Extremadura.

Gourmet food - Healthy food

Healthy product in the Mediterranean diet

Señorio de Montanera acorn-fed 100% Iberico Ham is a source of protein and contains an elevated oleic acid level. Moderate consumption is therefore a very healthy pleasure.

The attributes of the acorns and of the Iberian breed make Spanish Ham a gourmet food with great health benefits.

The high percentages of mono-unsaturated fats and tocopherols act as powerful natural antioxidants which, as well as contributing to the exquisite flavour, provide protection against heart disease, regulating our metabolism and helping to reduce cholesterol levels, in a similar way to olive oil, thus making ham one of most complete foods in the Mediterranean diet.

Our 100% acorn-fed Iberian ham from Extremadura

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